Freedom to Exist

Freedom to Exist- aka ‘Fte’ is a timeless contemporary watch brand for men and women. Cradle was asked to design the overall identity, along with its packaging, website and photographic strategy.

With craftsmanship and quality being pinnacle to the brand, it was important that the feel of the logo through to our choice of materials communicated this.

For the logo we chose a traditional editorial font which we felt conveyed the brand’s poetic nature. We cut the letters to form an arc- symbolising movement and unity and made a custom stamp to emboss printed collateral which further imparts a sense of craft.

Our photographic strategy was to shoot the product being worn within the context of daily life. Being a practical, non trend led accessory choice, we wanted to show the watches on ordinary people in everyday circumstances.

Socially, we wanted to celebrate the beauty within understated, off guard moments, and use light to impart a sense of time and emotion.

A variety of ambassadors were to be elected to help pollinate the brand and provide editorial content for the website, social channels and promotional material.

  • Scope:
  • Branding
  • Digital Design
  • Packaging
  • Strategy