Ghubar Magazine

Ghubar is a contemporary bi annual digital magazine celebrating African and French culture. Founded by editor Sarah Diouf - who is a mix of both ethnicities, Ghubar was conceived to unite and empower women through the medium of fashion. It seeks to break down cultural barriers by revealing common interests amongst womenkind.

Cradle was tasked with creating a new identity and interface, with the principle objective being to look premium, seductive, Polly-indiginous, unique and widely accessible. The magazine had to feel intimate to reflect Sarah’s personality, but be packaged up in a way that avoided scrap book cliché’s.

Intended for digital output, the magazine had previously existed just in pdf form, so finding ways to bring the content to life was also vital.

To install a sense of tribalism, a ‘carved’ looking font was elected. We felt it evoked a sense of identity and personalisation without being overly thematic. We also added hand drawn elements as page prompts to build upon this custom experience.

  • Scope:
  • Brand identity
  • Digital publication