InMotion Proposition Testing

InMotion is an ideation studio and startup incubator powered by Jaguar Land Rover.

Its purpose is to develop new products and services within the automotive sector that look to better people's relationship with transportation.

Through research and lean testing, InMotion hopes to discover new product and service opportunities for the Jaguar Land Rover brand.

Cradle aided the studio in the testing various service propositions, one of which was the concept of affordable long term car rental/ flexible leasing.

The intent was to investigate how important car ownership has become to potential customers given the rise in leasing, and the success of businesses like Zip Car, Lyft, and Uber.

One way in which we did this was to create a brand and website through which we could test different service propositions. We used Facebook advertisements to drive traffic and built various features in which to test customer commitment.

Cradle was not only part responsible for the ideation but for creating various brands and marketing content for use in proposition testing. The Carflex trials were very successful and the concept is being tested in the Netherlands.

  • Scope:
  • Service Design
  • Digital Design