Monty & Co

Monty & Co is a contemporary kids apparel brand. Cradle was asked to conceive an overall identity including point of sale and packaging.

British brands have always been associated with craft, quality and assurance- and Monty & Co guarantees just that.

Their products are lovingly made in small batches using high grade materials and traditional manufacturing techniques. Each garment has been perfected over time and rigorously tested for lasting durability and comfort.

With ethics and British sourced manufacture being pinnacle to the brand, we conceived the greyhound emblem to carry the story of excellence and heritage.

Greyhounds nearly became extinct during times of famine in the Middle Ages. They were saved by English clergymen who protected and bred them for their nobility. From this point on, they came to be considered dogs of the aristocracy.

With this in mind, Monty the dog was born.

  • Scope:
  • Branding
  • Packaging